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About The Industrial Revolution

The door swings open. Your senses are abuzz with colour. You recognize pieces from your childhood: milk bottles, fruit boxes, foot lockers…

Faded colour and font trigger memories from an era not your own. Black and white photos come to life.

You scan trolleys, benches and cabinets from varied industries. These relics have lived a life, and now you are able to walk away with their story, a piece of history.

There is variety: the practical, the impractical. The stock piles high and wide, you absorb texture. You touch and feel.

The Industrial Revolution is eclectic: it caters for the home decorator, professional stylist, café proprietor and passer-by. We travel extensively to source our products, and take pride buying locally. Our products mix and match materials. They have had purpose; farming, machining and manufacturing. The wood has been the structure of the homes we live in, or the boats we sail.

And now it has been re-fashioned to provide purpose within your home. Enjoy.